1947 Columbia Military Bicycle - A "Tribute" to the Mighty Generation!
How I came up with the Oomph Redesigns’ Business Name -

. . .continued from “About the Oomph Inspiration” page:

“Let’s give it a little Oomph!” Mom would say as she would  embellish an outfit. The “Oomph” word comes out of the 1930’s, from the  beginning of a mighty generation of substance.

Until recently, I missed or bypassed all the calling  signs to start this business venture for whatever reasons: socio economic  environment, culture and timing, self-confidence, life in general.   For a couple of years I have been on a search with a desire to create,  but create what? Tired of feeling stagnant, I pledged to make a change in 2012. Laugh if you like, but in January 2012, my daughter turned me on to Pinterest .  I was bitten  hard; sucked in.  The, “I can do it,” creative juices started flowing with my pinner and blogger discoveries;  such talent out there and an inspiration to push me.  “Thank you,”Pinners and Bloggers!

 My love of decorating, re-arranging furniture (thank you, dear husband), looking at something and turning it into something else decorative and/or useful (current day word: REPURPOSED) goes way back to my childhood.  I recently reflected to my days of “playing house.”   A neighbor had an old, large shed/play house that was probably not a safe place to play.  Now picture this: I was the mother, the neighbor boy was the Dad and his sisters were the children.  As the Mom, I would send  the children off to school and the Dad off to work, while I swept, and re-arranged crates/ furniture to my heart’s content (and sending them away when they returned too soon).  I’m not  sure what they did in their imaginary role, but I had fun!

 . . . to be continued in next blog post, when the fascination of
Antiques began.

 My favorite childhood, imaginary role play was teacher/school, house and dress-up.  When some boys were involved, it was usually Cowboys, Zorro or Army, and yes, with swords and guns!  We had fun and no one turned into violent criminals, as adults.  I’m curious, what was your favorite  childhood pastime, imaginary or otherwise?