Antique Fascination

My paternal, Great-Grandparents’ New England style house was bequeathed to my Grandmother, as she and my Grandfather cared for them in their final years.  This house was filled with old pieces that always fascinated me, such as a mantle clock in each room that chimed on the hour & half hour, which made for quite a sound. When not chiming, you could hear the “Tick – Tock”, “Tick – Tock” throughout the house. My first collectible from my Grandmother was a simple, elongated gold brooch with a single deep blue, rhombus, aquamarine stone that was an engagement gift from my  Grandfather. Coincidence, or not,  my birth stone is aquamarine.  The second item was a lamp with a unique oval, scalloped shade.   It belonged to my Great-Grandmother.  I followed my Grandmother into the cool, low ceiling cellar and patiently waited in great anticipation as she unwrapped and handed me the lamp. I distinctly remember the smile and look of wonderment and joy on her face, as she witnessed my appreciation and excitement over the perfect lamp for my “Flower Child” bedroom make-over. Yes, its gold, ornate base, eye dazzling, three inch multi-colored glass bead fringe that hung from the orange lined shade, covered with a sheer, ivory, mini pleated overlay that was so old, and fragile that it crumbled to the touch, was perfect! That lamp today has been rejuvenated; given some “Oomph” with a new shade and sits proudly in my family room. The value of the brooch and lamp is in their stories, at least to me. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about the beginnings of my antique fascination.

Tell me, do you have an item from the past that is near and dear to you?  I would love to hear about it!

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